Cost-Share Reimbursement Application for Lead Generating Event

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Conditions of Funding

Applications must be emailed to NMDA at on or before December 1 of the current fiscal year (fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30). To ensure funding, apply accordingly. 

NMDA can pay on a reimbursement basis only, and the amount awarded will be determined by NMDA based on funding availability, the source of funding, and the equitability between any current or past requests that are to be or were funded within the same fiscal year.   

NMDA will not authorize payment until after the following has been submitted:

  • An invoice on your company letterhead containing the following:
    • Your company’s name and mailing address to where the check should be mailed.
    • “To: NMDA, Marketing and Development Division, MSC 5600, PO Box 30005, Las Cruces, NM 88003”
    • The date the invoice was created.
    • An itemized description that includes: “Lead Generating Event Assistance for (insert: a brief description of the event, including dates)”
    • An amount not more than the amount approved by NMDA.
    • Signature of applicant.
  • An itemized receipt from the host of your lead generating event.
  • A cleared check or credit card statement matching the amount on the itemized receipt referred to in the bullet point above. (Please black out all non-essential private information before sending.)
  • Data exhibiting the leads generated.

For questions related to invoicing or acceptable documentation, please call the NMDA Marketing and Development Division at 575-646-4929 or email